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Spring & Fall Clean-Ups
Eaves & Window Cleaning
Junk & Tree Branch Removal



Yard Clean-Ups

After a long and hard winter, your property has probably seen better days. Leaves left over from last fall, twigs and fallen branches…your lawn and garden beds are littered with all kinds of debris. We will give your property a full once over to give it that jump start that it needs for the upcoming spring/summer season.

Our trained employees will rake, power blow and bag any debris that you may have on your lawn or in your garden beds. We use rakes and blowers to thoroughly clean your yard and prepare it for the outdoor living season.

We keep track of every neighbourhood’s mechanical leaf pick-up and work with and around the city’s schedule.

Eaves Cleaning

We at REDWOOD believe that your home is your greatest asset and investment. Stop neglecting the little things today that become bigger problems tomorrow. Prevent unnecessary leaks or water damage by having your eavestrough thoroughly cleaned every year.

Our highly trained and insured professionals will help you prevent these issues by ensuring that your gutters and down spouts are clean and completely free of debris.

It is our recommendation to have this done at least once a year, either in the Spring or Fall.

Window Cleaning

Generally we like to combine a Window Cleaning service along with the Eaves Cleaning & Yard Clean-Ups. This just adds that final touch after a muddy winter or dusty summer.

*Once our team completes a full will be ready to enjoy the upcoming season and also have some peace of mind knowing that the exterior of your home is safe and clean!

Our Clean-Ups are always based on an hourly rate (Rates vary depending on the # of crew members).

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