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Seasonal Weekly Lawn Care
Residential and Commercial
Lawn Aeration, Fertilizing, Top Dressing and more...


Redwood provides a Seasonal (residential and commercial) Lawn Mowing service which runs from May 2nd - October 28th.


Mowing (front, back & side lawns + boulevards)

Trim (all walkways & garden beds)

Power Blow (grass clippings, all walkways, garden beds & driveway)

*Lawn is mowed & mulched at a height of 2.5" (unless otherwise specified).

**Bagging can be done at an additional charge starting from $10/cut.


We offer 2 different options to choose from based on your mowing needs...


Weekly Lawn Care Program (26x cuts)


Bi-Weekly Lawn Care Program (17x cuts)

*First 2 months are weekly mowing and final 4 months are bi-weekly mowing.


Rates are based on the overall size of the lawn and given once an on-site inspection has been completed.



To allow your lawn to develop to its full potential...aside from a healthy supply of nutrients...we recommend mowing your lawn high and regularly. Short grass means short roots and the longer the roots, the more nutrients they hold. We raise our mower blades and suggest cutting at a height of 2 ½ inches to help promote and sustain proper root growth.

Communication is key!

When necessary, our crew leaders, will make the client aware of any problem areas on the property for both aesthetic and safety purposes. Once the problem is addressed, we will make suggestions on which route is best to take. We feel that working directly with our customers makes for a better business relationship and can only lead to success and full satisfaction for both parties.

We also offer the following services to help maintain your lawn for many years to come...

  • Regular Yard Clean-Ups (Spring & Fall)
  • Core Aeration (once a year - recommended)
  • Fertilizer (3x applications/year - recommended)
  • Over-Seeding
  • Topdressing
  • Dethatching

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