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Did you know?

All lawns contain thatch. Even lush lawns that get a lot of attention and TLC are prone to thatch build-up. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. However, too much thatch will stop your lawn from being healthy.

Thatch is a light brown layer of dead grass-among other decaying organic matter-that builds up between the soil and green grass. Despite what you may think, grass clippings do not cause thatch. They are made up of mostly water and actually decay very rapidly.

Signs of whether your lawn needs to be dethatched:

  • Lawn is soft and spongy 
  • Has dry spots even after rain/watering 
  • Looks brown after mowing 
  • Thinning and dying, despite regular fertilizing

It is also a perfect time to put down grass seed and or fertilizer after dethatching your lawn. The best time to dethatch is late summer or early fall. Do so after a light rain or watering to achieve best results.

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