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Tear Out & Re-Grade
Install & Repair
Kentucky Blue Grass


Redwood Sod

Has your lawn seen better days? Does it look old and distressed? Have insects and animals damaged it over the recent years? That’s where we come in!

REDWOOD specializes in sod installation and repair. We use high quality Kentucky Blue grass from our own backyard…Ontario. We strongly believe in getting our sod from local sod farmers and growers.

Keys to re-sodding or sodding a new lawn:

  1. Tear our old sod along with any weeds or roots.
  2. Loosen up earth to allow new grass to penetrate and root itself more easily.
  3. Add new topsoil and grade entire area, sloping in the desired direction.
  4. Lay new sod by staggering the rolls.
  5. Roll sod to flatten and make level.
  6. Water daily and do not mow for approximately 2 weeks. 

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